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Dattolo’s strives to provide the greater Sarnia area with exceptional food choices that are fresh and made ready to go. We want Dattolo’s to be your first choice for your next meal and are working hard every day to deliver.


At Dattolo’s, a connection within our community is vital to us. Whether through contests, giveaways, volunteer events, Social Media, or word of mouth, our commitment is to provide Sarnia and area with a fresh meal that you can trust repeatedly.

Hi! I am John. I appreciate your interest in Dattolo’s Baked Goods.

I was born and raised in Chicago in a traditional Italian family. Nona Maria was my inspiration. I wanted to make others happy like my Nona with delicious food like she did for me. With food, it’s more than just the taste. Aroma, presentation, and tradition all play important roles.

After marrying my wife Kelly I moved to Canada. Everything came together. It was a great opportunity to start what I have always dreamed and I wasn’t alone in my pursuit. We eagerly embarked on the adventure of a lifetime.

In January 2016 we started offering general baked goods and bread from Lanthier Bakery near Ottawa. Our first location was in a flea market outside London Ontario. We started doing weekends while we held full-time jobs. The freshness of our products and uniqueness of our baked goods have resulted in exponential growth in our business. We quickly outgrew the flea market and needed to make a change.

We wanted a store to call our own. After a search of prospective locations, we settled in Sarnia. For the first year, we commuted every day from London which was trying at times, especially during the winter. We sold our home in London and relocated to Sarnia where we could spend more time on our business and less time traveling. The opening of Dattolo’s Baked Goods Inc. has given us the thrill of seeing our dreams become reality. 

Welcome to Dattolo’s! We look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion.

John Dattolo

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